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    • 咨詢熱線:13603102313
    • 聯系人:韓經理
    • Q Q:點擊我發送信息
    • 電 話:0310-3410588
    • 傳 真:0310-3410588
    • 郵 箱:1364333515@qq.com
    • 地 址:河北省邯鄲市魏縣回隆鎮韓北村

          Hebei Yong-Guang mining Equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992, the company is located in Hebei, Shandong, Henan Province, the junction of the three provinces, south of the high-speed South Forest, the west of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, traffic is very convenient. Due to the unique geographical conditions, over the years the company's geographical area has gradually become known as the mine Accessories distribution Center. After more than 20 years of unremitting development and enterprising, in the manager Wan Jiangshan led the formation of a dare to fight recklessly elite team. Always with the courage to explore, dare to focus on the core, adhere to the quality-oriented, relying on technology to the road, focusing on high-quality product development. Shou contract, talk about credibility, quality, and truly achieve a professional and excellent, to the credibility of the development of a win-win situation, so that "Yong-guang" brand in the market enduring. At present, our products are exported to the       country and many countries in Southeast Asia, and won a good reputation, by domestic and foreign consumers alike.
          Company covers an area of 19980 square meters, registered capital of 15 million yuan, liquidity of 35 million yuan. The existing staff of 220, including a college diploma of 24 people, after the advanced training of professional and technical personnel 23 people. Company has strong technical strength, well-equipped, advanced technology. In the purchase of raw materials required for the production process, in strict accordance with the GB standard selection of high-quality materials, the use of advanced production technology at home and abroad, Seiko Fine chisel, to ensure product quality, the implementation of three packs of policy, the product tracking service and regular visit, to listen to customer's valuable advice, in order 
          Our company mainly has heavy drilling tool, mining ground tools, DTH drilling with three kinds of products. Mainly include: Coal drill bit, coal rock drill bit, rock drill bit, wind drill, double Ji type bit series, small diameter bolt drill series, water drill bit, PDC bit of diamond composite piece, low wind pressure dth hole, high wind pressure DTH hole, piling machine drilling tool, Planer tooth, grader's cutter head, Shearer pick-shaped cut, deep hole thread brazing tool, drill rod , coal drill pipe, diamond rod, Alloy drill pipe, water injection geological drill pipe, high efficiency spiral drill pipe series more than 50 varieties.
          The company's purpose is: people-oriented, integrity first, relying on science and technology to forge ahead, with quality to win the world, the same products than quality, the same quality than price, to preferential prices to let customers, bold reform, innovation, to ensure product quality, Yong-climbing technology peak, truly responsible for product; After the after-sale service, grasp the market demand, Constantly innovate the replacement, and strive to produce the first-class products required by the market. 
          Manager Wan Jiangshan is willing to make the Sihai friends to seek common development, and strive for mutual benefit and create brilliance.


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